2018  Columbus Alumnae Chapter Membership Dues

Although dues are typically collected at the beginning of the year, they may be submitted throughout 2018. Dues not only support our local chapter mailings and events, but also support Kappa Alpha Theta as a whole through per capita dues. We thank you for paying your annual dues and helping us succeed as an award winning Alumnae Chapter! All Columbus Alumnae Chapter members will receive our local printed newsletters and a membership directory. Members also are eligible to receive all four issues of the Kappa Alpha Theta magazine.

Questions on Membership? Contact 
Annie McCabe (Alpha Gamma, Ohio State) anniemccabe@gmail.com

____ Pansy Level $30.00
New alumnae who have graduated in either 2017 or 2018
____ Kite Level $45.00
Standard Columbus Alumnae Chapter membership
____ Twin Stars Level $75.00
Standard membership plus the sponsorship of a new Pansy Level
____ Life Loyal $15.00
Standard Columbus Alumnae Chapter membership for those who are Chapter Donation Contribution to Columbus Alumnae Chapter above dues payment
(includes $30 of per capita dues paid by our Chapter to the Fraternity) membership. This membership will be awarded to a local graduate remaining in the Columbus area at the April 2014senior sendoff. part of the Life Loyal Program (dues are local dues only; no per capita)

Please make checks payable to “KAO Columbus Alumnae Chapter”

Mail to: Jessica Rannow, 388 E Kossuth Street, Columbus, OH 43206

Questions, email ThetaColumbusAlumnae@gmail.com


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